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We Believe 

​Motherhood builds and heals communities.


Without a shared language, women are dying in pregnancy and childbirth. Women already living on the margins of society are being further marginalised during the childbearing year

Every woman has the right to receive language-specific and culturally aware support during childbirth

Education provides common goals which foster connection and help combat isolation

Through shared language, informed choices can be made, leading to more dignified birth

Through shared lived-experience and cultural understanding, service-users and graduates both gain confidence

Steps towards recovery from trauma can be made when people feel safe. Shared language is a key element to feeling safe,, especially during childbirth.

Image by Mateus Campos Felipe

Our Mission

To improve maternal and neonatal outcomes through continuous, language-specific and culturally appropriate support

To create support networks between marginalised non-English speaking mothers 

To populate our voluntary Doula organisation (Doulas Without Borders) with linguistically and culturally knowledgeable Doulas

To assist in the rebuilding of broken communities

To provide opportunities for future employment.

Beautiful hispanic woman expecting a bab

Our Values

Integrity-we take our commitments seriously


Accountability-we accept our shared responsibility for achieving our goals. We own up to and learn from our mistakes

Innovation-we question and challenge the status quo and are excited by radical solutions

Empathy and listening-we support one another with active listening

Responsibility to our learners-we recognise that our learners are our priority and strive to provide an excellent learning environment

Inclusivity and diversity-sit at the heart of this project, as we embrace diversity and actively encourage inclusion of all cultures, religions, viewpoints, opinions and preferences 

Trauma informed practice-we ensure that we collaborate with our learners to provide a safe space for learning and sharing

Confidentiality-we value the need for our learners to be able to share their stories in confidence

Community-we know that building trust is a means to building community and we value and our partners, team and nurture our new connections. 

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